Our Mission is to develop the world's people through grassroots education to achieve these goals:

Ø  Strengthen and promote the cooperation of children, youth and adults in the   areas of intellectual development and productivity 

Ø  Train and create Cooperatives

Ø  Provide scientific research

Ø  Provide distance learning by correspondence in the areas of                       Cooperatives,  Administration, Public Health, Fine Arts, and Development

Ø  Train and inform youth about the importance of their involvement in the   sustainable development of their community

Ø  Reinforce the principles of human rights and the protection        
 against humanitarian abuses

Ø  Promote a bridge between children, youth and adults through cultural means such as education, sports, art, and music.

Ø  Encourage solidarity in the fight of peoples for freedom, justice and full      

Ø  Fight against illiteracy, unemployment and ecological issues.

Ø  Combat crime that affects the welfare of society.

Ø  Strive for a substantial increase in national product per capita.

Ø  Strive for stability in the domestic price levels, consistent with sustained     economic development and the establishment of social justice.

Ø  Work towards fair remuneration, job opportunities and working        conditions acceptable to all.

Ø  Inform and educate the public about sexually transmitted diseases in order to reduce their frequency.

Ø  Strive for the defense of human potential through the development and 
application of modern medical science.

Ø  Strive toward balanced nutrition especially the intensification of national    efforts to increase production and availability of food.

Ø  Provide for the training of farmers.

Ø  Fight against the unregulated construction by the  population on sides of   hills, flood plains, and in wetlands.

Ø  Influence improvements in the design of cities and towns to provide      
safer, healthier and more productive environments.

Ø  Project a spirit of partnership utilizing activities reflecting progress.

Ø  Cooperate with other national and international organizations who have     the same goals is ICI .

Ø  Reinforce cultural and recreational activities of communities.



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