Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)

                      Max Gerald GUILLAUME - Founder & President/ CEO 




                   The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are
- especially amongst young people
- mostly unknown. Nevertheless, governments wont display the necessary resoluteness to forcefully fight hunger in the world, to cut in half poverty until 2015 and to guarantee education for all - unless young people take action and fight for it. The International Caribbean Institute (ICI) focuses its efforts to encourage young in:
- End poverty and  hunger                                                                         - Universal education
- Gender equality                                                                                         - Child health
- Maternal health                                                                                         - Combat HIV/AIDS
- Environmental sustainability
- Global partnership

We need a better environment with the action of each one of us, it's for what i invite you to come and work with us in our projects and programs:

    Schools & Litteracy                     Environment                            Training in Agriculture
 Conferences & Seminars                Cultural activities                International Cooperation

                                                                                   HIV/ AIDS


Clean Up the World partners with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to inspire and assist communities to "clean up, fix up and conserve their local environment" through carrying out initiatives ranging from waste removal and tree planting to water and energy conservation projects.

Clean Up the World and its participating organisations mobilise an estimated 35 million volunteers from more than 100 countries annually.

Clean Up the World participants organise and carry out activities and longer-term environmental projects throughout the year however the campaign culminates in the Clean Up the World Weekend in 3rd weekend of September.

Getting involved is simple. Groups or organisations in any city, town or village across the globe can join Clean Up the World. Joining is free* for non corporate organisations and renewable annually.


Clean Up the World initiatives may include single activities such as clean ups, tree planting, awareness raising events, festivals or education activities including competitions and exhibitions or longer term projects which may involve an ongoing process of recycling and waste recovery, tree planting, education campaigns or water reuse and conservatio
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